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Bad News Turned Good for Performances at QXT's

So, a while back I spoke with Percy from Cylab about performing at QXT's Annual Hawaiian Gothic Luau on September 6th. It looked like all was good, but then there was some issues with the tour and the date no longer worked for them. That was the bad news.

The good news is that they're now performing on August 16th at QXT's in Evilution's 8-Bit Revolution event. On top of that, we managed to secure a live performance and CD release party for genCAB for the Luau on September 6th.

So, I just wanted to give a heads up to anyone who might not be familiar with either band, as both of them are excellent, and well worth checking out. See the links below!

CYLAB Information

- Cylab Main Site
- Cylab My Space w/ Song Samples

Cylab Music Video - "Dented Halos"

Cylab will be Performing at QXT's on Saturday, August 16th as part of Evilution's 8-Bit Revolution event. More information can be found on our My Space Group page here.

genCAB Information

- genCAB Main Site
- genCAB My Space w/ Song Samples
- FREE EP <-- This link will allow you to download a free 10 song genCAB & Panic Lift sampler EP featuring exclusive remixes by Unter Null, Cenotype, and Life Cried (courtesy of
Hive Records).

genCAB will performing live and celebrating the release of their brand new, full length album, "II Transmuter," at QXT's on Saturday, September 6th as part of our annual Hawaiian Gothic Luau. More details will be coming on this event, but you can bet that we'll have a contest for best Hawaiian / Beach Party outfit, so raid your closet now!
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